likasyl (likasyl) wrote in asimov_fanfic,

hi everyone!

Unfortunately this community seems very inactive, but I just wanted to drop by and say hello. I read all the Robot/Empire/Foundation books years ago, but have recently become re-obsessed with them in a lull from school/career. In particularly, I am in love with all things Daneel/Elijah/Giskard, and wondering about the implications of the Three Laws.

Anyway, I'm working on a Daneel/Elijah (can we mimic other fandoms and call the ship Danijah? hehe) fanfic, which I intended to be a very short story but keeps getting longer, hehe. I might post it here when it gets to a more finished state.

I think I have discovered just about every Daneel/Elijah fic online and read it (which isn't saying much, as they're aren't too many ;)). I am very addicted and wish the fandom was a bit bigger.
Anyway, I'm excited to have joined this community.
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