Strictly Ornamental (daasgrrl) wrote in asimov_fanfic,
Strictly Ornamental

Again Daneel (Asimov's Robots, Elijah Baley/R. Daneel Olivaw, R/NC-17)

I just stumbled across this comm, so I thought I might as well pimp post this here. I hope that's okay. I haven't read or written in this fandom before - I just happened to be (re)reading The Robots of Dawn when I saw the Porn Battle challenge prompts, and I'm probably not as familiar with Asimov's work as some of you. But, you know, I tried *g*

Title: Again Daneel
By: daasgrrl
Pairing: Elijah Baley/R. Daneel Olivaw
Rating: R/NC-17
Word count: 3,700
Summary: 95% PWP. Takes place after the events of The Robots of Dawn (contains spoilers for the book).
Notes: Written for oxoniensis' Porn Battle (Asimov's Robots, Elijah Baley/R. Daneel Olivaw, hold, survival, skin).

(Again Daneel)

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