makkoska (makkoska) wrote in asimov_fanfic,

Fic Recs

Let me rec 3 wonderful fics I just found.

Dawn Breaks by Roadstergal

Pairing: Daneel/Elijah

Rating: R - ish

Summary: Robots of Dawn brought a new dimension to interactions between humans and robots, and a new awareness of the bond between Elijah and Daneel.

Your Pleasure is Mine by CrimsonQuills

Pairing: Daneel/Elijah

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Apparently, the decontamination facility is out of order. Baley and Daneel must improvise.

Breaking Points by CrimsonQuills

Pairing: Mike Donovan/Greg Powell

Rating: Pg-13

Summary: Greg and Mike are used to working alone, but the research team on Europa needs the best problem solvers U.S. Robotics can provide.

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