catbar (catbar) wrote in asimov_fanfic,

A genderfree possessive-pronoun for Daneel

Daneel can't see the point - therefore the rationality - of being a particular gender.      Daneel is just - Daneel.      A Being, dammit.    

Any suggestions for a genderless possessive-pronoun comprehensible by Earther Anglo speakers.....?   
The Solarians have gone completely hermie.    The proudly genderblind Aurorans have one but it's unpronouncable by Anglo speakers.   Or perhaps - to Earthers -  it sounds like a rude word......    Most things sound 'rude' to Earthers as they're a h-phobic genderbound lot of bigots.     And they're also anti-robot, but again, they're pretty anti-anything that's not acceptable to their culture.      Being, to them, is just not man enough (!).
 Pic of 'Daneel'
"I just wanna be free-e.  O-oh I just wanna be free".   Geddit?

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