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Hi all,

It will probably be a long time before I have enough time to write a fic, but I wanted to post a compilation of quotes from Asimov's books I made a while bag. I know you're not supposed to post stuff like this directly online (the quotes are directly from the books), but I really like them (and they're not very long, just snippets). It's all the places from my recent Asimov re-reading where I found sentences that could be interpreted in a slashy way. ;) I managed to stumble upon some digital ebooks of all of Asimov's books in the universe a while back, so it was easy to compile the quotes.
Hopefully the cut works...I've never done it before. ^^  
Enjoy :)

“Thank you, madam. In that case, I must tell you that I would never submit voluntarily to such a procedure unless I found myself to have actually lost my memory function.”
They had reached the door and Gladia paused. She said, in honest puzzlement, “Why ever not, Daneel?”
Daneel said in a low voice, “There are memories I cannot risk losing, madam, either through inadvertence or through poor judgment on the part of those conducting the procedure.”
“Like the rising and setting of the stars?--Forgive me, Daneel, I didn’t mean to be joking. To what memories are you referring?”
Daneel said, his voice still lower, “Madam, I refer to my memories of my onetime partner, the Earthman Elijah Baley."
- Robots and Empire

“At the moment when the robots advanced toward you and Lady Vasilia expressed her savage pleasure, my positronic pathway pattern re-formed in an anomalous fashion. For a moment, I thought of you--as a human being--and I reacted accordingly. “
“That was wrong."
“I know that. And yet--and yet, if it were to happen again, I believe the same anomalous change would take place again.”
Daneel said, “It is strange, but hearing you put it so, I find myself feeling you did the proper thing. If the situation were reversed, I almost think that I, too, would--would do the same--that I would think of you as a--a human being.”
Daneel, hesitantly and slowly, put out his hand and Giskard looked at it uncertainly. Then, very slowly, he put out his own hand. The fingertips almost touched and then, little by little, each took the other’s hand and clasped it--almost as though they were the friends they called each other.
- Robots and Empire

“As it should be? Do you think, friend Daneel, that an Earthperson counts for more than a Spacer, even though both are human beings?”
“There are differences. Elijah Baley would rather see his own Earthpeople defeated than see the Galaxy uninhabited. Dr. Amadiro would rather see both Earth and Spacers dwindle than see Earth expand. The first looks with hope to the triumph of either, the second is content to see the triumph of neither. Should we not choose the first, friend Giskard?”
“Yes, friend Daneel. So it would seem. And yet how far are you influenced by your feeling of the special worth of your onetime partner, Elijah Baley?”
- Robots and Empire

“It strikes me that it has taken me so long to understand this only because I am not a human being. A human being would, perhaps, instinctively understand his own mind well enough to know how to handle others like himself. Madam Gladia, with no experience at all in addressing huge crowds, carried off the matter expertly. How much better off we would be if we had someone like Elijah Baley with us. Friend Daneel, are you not thinking of him?”
Daneel said, “Can you see his image in my mind? That is surprising, friend Giskard.”
“I do not see him, friend Daneel. I cannot receive your thoughts. But I can sense emotions and mood--and your mind has a texture which, by past experience, I know to be associated with Elijah Baley.”
-from Robots and Empire by Isaac Asimov
“You may--at the moment. My party is in firm control of the Council. Amadiro maintains a sullen opposition, but I suspect it will be years before his people recover from the blow you gave them. But how are things with you and with Earth?”
“Well enough. --Tell me, Dr. Fastolfe”--Baley’s face twitched slightly, as though with embarrassment--”have you brought Daneel with you?”
- Robots and Empire

Daneel took Baley’s hand and pressed it with firm coolness, his fingers closing to a comfortable but not painful pressure and then releasing it.
Baley hoped earnestly that the creature’s unreadable eyes could not penetrate Baley’s mind and see that wild moment, just past and not yet entirely subsided, when all of Baley had concentrated into a feeling of an intense friendship that was almost love.
- Robots of Dawn

Vasilia looked at Daneel with bitter curiosity. “Partner Elijah? Is that what you call him?”
“Yes, Dr. Vasilia. My choice in this matter--the Earthman over you--arises not only out of Dr. Fastolfe’s instructions, but because the Earthman and I are partners in this investigation and because--” Daneel paused as though puzzled by what he was about to say, and then said it anyway, “--we are friends.”
Vasilia said, “Friends? An Earthman and a humaniform robot? Well, there is a match. Neither quite human.”
Baley said, sharply, “Nevertheless bound by friendship. Do not, for your own sake, test the force of our--” Now it was he who paused and, as though to his own surprise, completed the sentence impossibly, “--love.”
- The Robots of Dawn

“You are still here? It is time for you to go. I have told you what I meant to tell you.”
“I do not wish to go, Partner Elijah.”
“You must. I cannot hold off death any longer. I am tired--desperately tired. I want to die. It is time.”
“May I not wait while you live?”
“I don’t wish it. If I die while you watch, it may affect you badly despite all my words. Go now. That is an--order. I will allow you to be a robot if you wish but, in that case, you must follow my orders. You cannot save my life by anything you can do, so there is nothing to come ahead of Second Law. Go!”
Baley’s finger pointed feebly and he said, “Good-bye, friend Daneel. “
Daneel turned slowly, following Baley’s orders with unprecedented difficulty. “Good-bye, Partner--” He paused and then said, with a faint hoarseness, “Good-bye, friend Elijah. “
- Robots and Empire

Baley’s voice was growing weaker. Though Daneel sat motionless, his face was in the unusual condition of reflecting emotion. It was set in an expression of concern and sorrow. Baley’s eyes were closed and he could not see that.
“My death, Daneel,” he said, “is not important. No individual death among human beings is important. Someone who dies leaves his work behind and that does not entirely die. It never entirely dies as long as humanity exists. --Do you understand what I’m saying?”
Daneel said, “Yes, Partner Elijah.”
“The work of each individual contributes to a totality and so becomes an undying part of the totality. That totality of human lives--past and present and to come--forms a tapestry that has been in existence now for many tens of thousands of years and has been growing more elaborate and, on the whole, more beautiful in all that time. Even the Spacers are an offshoot of the tapestry and they, too, add to the elaborateness and beauty of the pattern. An individual life is one thread in the tapestry and what is one thread compared to the whole?
“Daneel, keep your mind fixed firmly on the tapestry and do not let the trailing off of a single thread affect you. There are so many other threads, each valuable, each contributing-"
Baley stopped speaking...
- Robots and Empire

Baley felt abashed. He said, "You do not resent the situation in which you may be forced to give up your existence for me?"
"It is my programming, Partner Elijah," said Daneel in a voice that seemed to soften, "yet somehow it seems to me that, even were it not for my programming, saving you makes the loss of my own existence seem quite trivial in comparison."
Baley could not resist this. He held out his hand and closed it on Daneel's with a fierce grip. "Thank you, Partner Daneel, but please do not allow it to happen. I do not wish the loss of your existence. The preservation of my own would be inadequate compensation, it seems to me."
And Baley was amazed to discover that he really meant it. He was faintly horrified to realize that he would be ready to risk his life for a robot. --No, not for a robot. For Daneel.
- The Robots of Dawn

“How do you come to be here, then, if you lived at first on Aurora?”
“Sir, it was to prevent the creation of a radioactive Earth that I came here in the very beginnings of the settlement of the Galaxy. There was another robot with me, named Giskard, who could sense and adjust minds.”
“As Bliss can?”
“Yes, sir. We failed, in a way, and Giskard ceased to operate. Before the cessation, however, he made it possible for me to have his talent and left it to me to care for the Galaxy; for Earth, particularly.”
“Why Earth, particularly?”
“In part because of a man named Elijah Baley, an Earthman.”
- Foundation and Earth

Baley paused, as though expecting Giskard to agree, but the robot said nothing.
(In later years, this was what Baley pictured first when thinking of his stay on Aurora. Not the storm. Not even Gladia. It was, rather, the quiet time under the tree, with the green leaves against the blue sky, the mild breeze, the soft sound of animals, and Giskard opposite him with faintly glowing eyes.)
- The Robots of Dawn

Slowly, as to reveal no sign of his own chagrin, Baley released his hold. He even gave each upper arm of the robot a final squeeze, so that there might seem to be no shame to the release.
"Haven't seen you, Daneel,since you brought that ship to Earth with the two mathematicians. Remember?"
"Of a certainty, Partner Elijah. It is a pleasure to see you."
"You feel emotion, do you?" said Baley lightly.
"I cannot say what I feel in any human sense, Partner Elijah. I can say, however, that the sight of you seems to make my thoughts flow more easily, and the gravitational pull on my body seems to assault my senses with lesser insistence, and that there are other changes I can identify. I imagine that what I sense corresponds in a rough way to what it is that you may sense when you feel pleasure."
Baley nodded. "Whatever it is you sense when you see me, old partner, that makes it seem preferable to the state in which you are when you don't see me, suits me well--if you follow my meaning."
- The Robots of Dawn

And then, feeling remorse at having thought of Daneel as a robot, Baley looked into the other's gentle eyes (when did he start thinking of their expression as gentle?) and said, "I would tell you of any discomfort at once. There is none."
- The Robots of Dawn

Daneel placed his arm around Baley's shoulder and pulled him gently back. HIs other arm was braced about a hand-grip attached to the frame of the airfoil.
...Baley felt his hair bristle. "You mean--we're going to be blown away?"
"No, of course not," said Daneel.
..."It doesn't feel like it." Baley was conscious of a thin whine, which he imagined to be the wind curling around the body of the airfoil as it cut its way through the protesting atmosphere. Then the airfoil lurched and Baley, who could not for his life have helped it, seized Daneel in a desperate grip around the neck.
Daneel waited a moment. When Blaey had caught his breath and his grip grew less rigid, Daneel released himself easily from the other's embrace, while somewhat tightening the pressure of his own arm around Baley.
- The Robots of Dawn
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