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Improved Pic of Daneel

Improved Pic of Daneel

[Try clicking on red 'X', or on words: 'Improved Pic of Daneel', and hopefully that should get you to the Pic, which for some reason won't show up here.]

I got rid of that ugly horrible thick neck and silly sloping shoulders.    Daneel never looked like that.  Whoever drew that pic clearly had NO visual sense at all - or was a great thick-necked drongo themselves.   (The only nice thing about it was the mouth).
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Sorry about this. Failed again to upload this improved pic of Daneel, and can't find a way of Deleting all this cr*p either. I also used PhotoShop, another horrible complicated program.
Try uploading it to a place like and then using the URL for the picture that Photobucket gives you in the LJ uploader. :)
Hello iamleaper and many thanks for your response. You probably don't have the same 'problems' I do with LJ in that I find all these sorts of sites a maze (not a-mazing!). So Im always getting lost. Also I find it hard to tell when anything Ive posted has actually come out.

So, I'll try Photobucket, though Ive never used this before. And maybe hopefully I'll get Daneel to show up this time....

Meantosay, can't have a gorgeous bod like Daneel's not being on show.
Hello again. Well I don't know WHERE I got with PhotoBucket (if I got anywhere at all...?), but DO seem to have now got access to the pic by simply clicking on the red 'X' and the words: 'Improved Pic of Daneel' which takes one to somwhere or other - WITH the pic though.
Much nicer! :)
Thanks makkoska! Hope Im right in assuming that not only did you manage to access my invisible re-doctored pic of Daneel but that you didn't think it TOO bad either...?

How DID you manage to access it by the way? One suggestion was to try 'Photobucket' which Ive never done before (let alone got round to doing this yet, such is too much RL!)
It's OK...I found a (the?) way of accessing it. By clicking on red 'X' and words: 'Improved Pic of Daneel'.
That's what I did :D It took me to the link

And yes, it looks way much better then the original one! I love his neck on your version!
Thanks, makkoska. Im very visually sensitive to things like necks and looks and the shape of things (as well as colours and textures and patterns).

I like your Avatar / User Pic - that really IS shapely!